Dry facade

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Dry facade

Dry facade

These types of facade systems dramatically reduce heat dissipation in the cold climate through insulated layer sand prevent the creation of thermal bridges at critical surfaces such as joints of flooring and the outer wall.In hot weather, implementing of dry facade prevents heat transfer into the building. The outer shell of the dry facade reflects most of the sun’s rays exposed to the surface. Also in the dry facade system, Ventilation of cool air inside the open space reduces the heat absorbed by the building and creates two shell modes in the facade.

These systems are highly versatile in terms of design, color, texture, and installation pattern techniques. For example, these systems can support a large-scale geometric pattern of square, rectangle, etc. (Horizontal or vertical). A wide range of finishing qualities, from glossy to matte finishes, as well as a variety of unlimited colors can be provided through the use of products such as Porcelain ceramics, aluminum composite sheets and more.

  1. Composite Aluminum System

Due to the importance of designing earthquake-resistant structures in Iran and the Viewpoints of construction experts to reduce the weight of structures, the importance of using high-tech, and lightweight materials in buildings has increased dramatically and the demand for this product is increasing.


The aluminum composite product is widely used. Including office buildings, commercial, industrial, educational, health, airports, terminals, subway stations, domes and special buildings. along with new technologies, architectural interests, and customer demand, building materials are constantly evolving. These panels are among the newest building materials and one of the newest proprietary products offered.

The Valid Aluminum brand has designed and manufactured special systems for installing this type of facade.

2- Dry ceramic system (Porcelain)

One of the ways to prevent energy loss and optimize its use in buildings is to choose the right materials for the interior and exterior coatings of the building.However, various materials have been used in these coatings so far.Nowadays, due to the many advantages of ceramic porcelain plates, such as much lower water absorption and frost resistance, erosion and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, The beauty and variety of colors and designs, no need for special maintenance and ease of replacement, make them widely used in the regular exterior and interior facade in the form of air pass.

The Valid Aluminum brand has designed and manufactured special systems for this type of facade.

Alu Kuta system

Kuta is a new generation of extrusion material made of aluminum plates. With its endless variety of colors, this type of facade is produced in a variety of sizes and gives beauty and uniqueness to the buildings.

Its lightweight is another advantage of this system. It weighs only 8 kg / m 2, along with its ease of use and affordability, it has become one of the most popular choices for architects.