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Curtain wall profile company iran

What is a curtain wall profile?

Curtain wall profile is an exterior covering of a building which protects building from outer phenomenons and gives a beautiful view to the building.

Curtain wall can reduce sway of the building and it also slows the process of fire spreading.

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Curtain wall has two types. The two most common types of curtain wall systems are stick and unitized.

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Curtain wall most important function is to resist air and water and keep them out of the building.

Frameless building system

Curtain wall

Curtain wall

  • Frame less system

This system is seen from the outside as a fully integrated glass.That will make the building look beautiful and homogeneous. For this reason, today the use of this type of glass facade in modern buildings has received much attention.

The facade is manufactured as modular panels in the factory under strict supervision and after installation, the glass is shipped to the project site.

Reducing human error and preventing material overload and rework are other advantages of this type of system.

  • The face cap system

In the face cap system, there is no aluminum frame around the glass and the glass is placed directly on the Curtain Wall structure And a retaining profile that screws onto the base of the Lamella holds the glass and prevents it from being overturned And by that, the building’s facade is also fully sealed and air-conditioned. Various caps with widths of 5 cm and various lengths and shapes are also mounted on this holder.

The advantages of the face cap system over the Frame less system include the following:

1- Faster facade implementing

2- Lower cost

3- Possibility of using decorative caps between the glass along the horizontal and vertical direction

4- Possibility to change different visions of vertical and horizontal lines between glass by changing the color and type of caps or removing one of them

With this capability, the architect can emphasize one of the vertical or horizontal lines in the glass views. For example, in facade that are much higher than their width, Can be installed with light-colored cap, larger cap on vertical lines and complete removal on horizontal lines or More emphasis on vertical lines can make greater facade height in the viewer’s eye or vice versa in facades that are much wider than their height, we can by installing in bright color cover or larger on horizontal lines And its complete deletion in vertical lines or With more emphasis on horizontal lines can make greater facade Width in the viewer’s eye. Or, using smaller, identical caps, darker and closer to the glass color, reached a uniform glass surface.

Frameless building facade framless building view map of fremless glass facade