Nitration tub/Aging unit

Nitration tub/Aging unit

Nitration tub

After obtaining approval of drawings from the engineering department and sending it to the molding unit, the unit proceeds to build in accordance with international standards with up-to-date equipment and specialized experts. After being approved by the quality control unit, it is sent to the plating department for increased mold strength and stability.

Nitration tub is a complementary part of the molding unit that will ensure product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

This unit can produce all kinds of aluminum sections with the latest production machinery and skilled and experienced experts and provide our customers with the best quality products in the shortest time in the whole country.

Aging unit

The Valid Aluminum brand has the Aging furnaces for further strengthening of production profiles which, after proper heating, is under constant monitoring by the quality control unit for the Hardness measurement of the production process.