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Description of the types of automatic doors

Description of the types of automatic doors

Description of the types of automatic doors

The first impression is everything. With automatic doors, you can create positive things about your job as quickly as possible. Right from the moment visitors arrive at your destination. Most automatic doors consist of motion detection sensors or light sensors installed around the door that are used to open and close them. Automatic doors are believed to be a modern invention, but you may be surprised to learn that automatic doors are almost half a century old. Over time, these doors have become more technically sophisticated, but this idea has been around for some time. All automatic doors, regardless of their type or design, are made up of sensors that can be used when needed.  All kinds of automatic doors are produced in our country that meet the needs of customers.

Why is it better to use an automatic door?

Why it is better to use a new automatic door, this is a question that many builders ask themselves and when installing an automatic door, they should observe this point to use new doors for their building so that the value of their building is preserved. And the price goes up

Our top sellers should provide all the necessary information and knowledge about the various models of these automatic doors to customers so that the customer can buy the automatic door suitable for their building and make the most of it. Manufacture of automatic doors with  different colors and in a variety of models and is distributed throughout reputable centers and agencies, each customer should according to their tastes and needs, each of these doors To buy what he wants for his building..

Buy cheap automatic doors with incredible quality

The prices of automatic doors in factories are produced using the best parts and raw materials and are sent to Arab countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world. Our country’s trading companies have created a very good income by selling quality and modern automatic doors to other countries.

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Determining the price of glass doors

Determining the price of glass doors

Determining the price of the operator is almost the highest in the glass. According to the operator’s quality, its price is different too. Most of the door are using single – phase motors. The engine must be capable of left and right

The engine price is considered to be proportional to the engine type. The important thing about the engine is its all – out work. Engine overheating and the damage to the engine must be taken into account and should be careful with the type of engine selection and installation location. Failure to choose the type of engine and to install glass doors will cause engine damage

The automatic eye price, which is important in parts, has an impact on the final price. sensor have infrared radiation. Installing it on top of the door recognizes the traffic. In case the direct action is directed towards the door, the door will return. Therefore, the the sensor  must be carefully chosen. . The dimensions of the installation space are effective in the selection of the eye type and the sensor.

Uses of automatic glass doors


Business complexes


banks and financial institutions and …

Shops in large shops

Hospitals of clinics and all treatment centres


Large – scale housing complexes

offices and organizations

Advantages of using automatic glass doors

Use in crowded places and easy and quick use.

The continuation of the activity in the of battery

remote control

slow and slow motion

Storage of thermal energy and cooling inside the building

High Security

The automatic door operator can also provide after-sales support. No matter what department you work in, there are many reasons why you should consider installing automatic doors.

First of all, the law of incapacity for some people requires that all buildings that are open to the public take action to improve access for all visitors. Automatic doors make it easier for visitors with mobility problems to enter your building.

Second, automatic doors are increasingly becoming a standard feature in many different types of buildings. They look smart and your visitors immediately think that your company has a professional and reliable establishment.