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fram less facade & view - iran

Frameless facade

Frame less facade

Frame less glass is a special type of double glazing glass in which one of the glass layers is larger than the other. The extraordinary beauty of frame less glass that gives a seamless structure to the look of the building has led to its widespread use in modern architecture.

In this type of structure, the larger layer of glass with special silicone adhesive directly adheres to (not inside) the metal frame and covers it. Frameless glass makes it possible to create a truly all-glass facade.

In the frameless glass facade, the aluminum retaining glass molds (double-walled or single-walled) are mounted and fixed on a metal frame made of profiles of different sizes (mostly 40*40). The spacing of the glass was so close to each other on the exterior that no iron frame would be seen.

Non-viewable pop-ups frames From outside the building, the ability to install from inside the building without using scaffolding, Effective liquid and air sealing, Lightweight, Affordable and Ease of installation are among the advantages that make this product superior to other systems.

fram less facade & view - iran