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Curtain wall profile company iran

What is a curtain wall profile?

Curtain wall profile is an exterior covering of a building which protects building from outer phenomenons and gives a beautiful view to the building.

Curtain wall can reduce sway of the building and it also slows the process of fire spreading.

Curtain wall profile is one of the most important product of our company and is used for different usages.

Curtain wall has two types. The two most common types of curtain wall systems are stick and unitized.

Our company is one of the biggest company in the middle east which produce curtain wall profiles.

Our company is very reliable and you can trust us.

Our products are very high in quality and you can prepare our products in a suitable price.

Curtain wall most important function is to resist air and water and keep them out of the building.

iranian Automatic glass doors

Automatic glass doors producer

Automatic glass doors are widely used and popular in commercial, residential, office and medical complexes.

Attractive and transparent appearance, followed by the use of technology when opening and closing the door, has doubled the attractiveness of this product.

Doors have been considered as a linker. We have always witnessed change and progress in its form and installation. The first effect of technology on modern doors is that they are automatic.

This door is considered as a part of linear doors. It opens and closes in a sliding or sliding manner. A sensor installed above the door controls the entry and exit of people.

Controlling and monitoring the movement of people at the installation site is very important.

Due to its frequent use and opening and closing many times during the day, when buying, you should pay close attention to the basics and the type of product brand.

Automatic glass door consists of an operator which is a very important factor in choosing an automatic glass door.

Automatic doors Glass is one of the most popular automatic doors.

Its main components are a power supply, motor, battery, as well as electric lock and control center.

The control center is responsible for complete control of the door and its opening and closing.

In appearance, automatic glass doors are divided into three groups: telescopic, flat and curved.

The first two types are mostly used.

The door system is automatic in such a way that by receiving a signal from the control center, all execution commands are transmitted to the motor and

The door is opened and closed using the eyes, as well as by the control center.

Automatic door operation system

Therefore , all parts have to complete each other so that you have a strong , fluid automatic .All parts must provide security for the desired location while they have a beautiful appearance.

Of course, the choice of a glass door automatically is based on the type of consumption and need.

Automatic glass door components

Operator *

Glass *

aluminum or steel cover


Electric lock

Battery *

,Estilayzeror the Source of Nutrition *

The operator control center in the glass is the most important component

You might have seen a glass door automatically in places like hospitals, big shops , and organizations . These sites have plenty of traffic . The use of this kind of building in buildings makes the public easy to use One of the most important things in the present is health care .Because of the lack of knob ,which has an important influence in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, it is widely used.

These brands are of high quality , producing and offering a wide range of types of glass automatic doors .

The brands supplied by the Conceptual Engineering Office are at high levels in terms of quality and power.

the released brands are suitable for high – traffic buildings.

also the type and brand ofglass and accessories including aluminum and winding frames and sensors are highly reliable and well – known.

Our colleagues in the sales department will introduce you all the pieces with brands. You can choose the right win in terms of your need.

Many brands, of course, operate in this field.

Our goal is to provide the best services to customers.

That is why it is best to offer high – quality high – quality pieces and the most appropriate price on our agenda.

aluminum shutters rollup building

Aluminum shutters(Roll-Up)

Aluminum shutters(Roll-Up)

It is very economical since the roll-up door has a simple structure and it is composed of a few synthetic components. This type of door rolls as it is pressed it occupies very little space in the upper part of the pop-up and also in the Width It occupies very little space. For this reason, the door is suitable for different environments and can be installed and operated in a very low space.

aluminum shutters rollup building

fram less facade & view - iran

Frameless facade

Frame less facade

Frame less glass is a special type of double glazing glass in which one of the glass layers is larger than the other. The extraordinary beauty of frame less glass that gives a seamless structure to the look of the building has led to its widespread use in modern architecture.

In this type of structure, the larger layer of glass with special silicone adhesive directly adheres to (not inside) the metal frame and covers it. Frameless glass makes it possible to create a truly all-glass facade.

In the frameless glass facade, the aluminum retaining glass molds (double-walled or single-walled) are mounted and fixed on a metal frame made of profiles of different sizes (mostly 40*40). The spacing of the glass was so close to each other on the exterior that no iron frame would be seen.

Non-viewable pop-ups frames From outside the building, the ability to install from inside the building without using scaffolding, Effective liquid and air sealing, Lightweight, Affordable and Ease of installation are among the advantages that make this product superior to other systems.

fram less facade & view - iran

Louver facede buildings

Louvers facade

Louvers facade

This type of facade is also referred to as sunscreen, shared and so on. The clever execution of this facade gives the building a special aesthetic and prevents direct sunlight. The result is that the shades of light are perfectly contrasting and beautiful together. The Louvers are manufactured in various sizes and can be mounted vertically and horizontally on the outer shell of the building.

Aluminum louvers are used in residential buildings, offices, schools, sports complexes and in any other building where beauty, comfort, light, and temperature are a concern. These Louvers are capable of anodizing for silver, gold, bronze and black, If varnish paint (Powder) is used in accordance with the RAL standard, it can be produced.

The angular louvers reduce the sun’s radiation effect by 80% and reduce energy consumption by 30%.

Some types of louvers are based on their appearance:

  • spindle shaped louvers
  • Cubic louvers

Louver facede buildings

glass fence

Glass Fence

Glass fence

Aluminum railings are designed and installed in places such as balconies, terraces, staircases, around pools, shops, offices, businesses office and most parts of the building to provide security and enhance the beauty and elegance of the environment.

The aluminum fence is made up of a combination of aluminum profiles and special aluminum fittings.Designed and installed in staircases, balconies, etc. to provide safety and prevent unpleasant accidents and it gives these places a beautiful and decorative look.

glass fence image

composite facade iran

Dry facade

Dry facade

These types of facade systems dramatically reduce heat dissipation in the cold climate through insulated layer sand prevent the creation of thermal bridges at critical surfaces such as joints of flooring and the outer wall.In hot weather, implementing of dry facade prevents heat transfer into the building. The outer shell of the dry facade reflects most of the sun’s rays exposed to the surface. Also in the dry facade system, Ventilation of cool air inside the open space reduces the heat absorbed by the building and creates two shell modes in the facade.

These systems are highly versatile in terms of design, color, texture, and installation pattern techniques. For example, these systems can support a large-scale geometric pattern of square, rectangle, etc. (Horizontal or vertical). A wide range of finishing qualities, from glossy to matte finishes, as well as a variety of unlimited colors can be provided through the use of products such as Porcelain ceramics, aluminum composite sheets and more.

  1. Composite Aluminum System

Due to the importance of designing earthquake-resistant structures in Iran and the Viewpoints of construction experts to reduce the weight of structures, the importance of using high-tech, and lightweight materials in buildings has increased dramatically and the demand for this product is increasing.


The aluminum composite product is widely used. Including office buildings, commercial, industrial, educational, health, airports, terminals, subway stations, domes and special buildings. along with new technologies, architectural interests, and customer demand, building materials are constantly evolving. These panels are among the newest building materials and one of the newest proprietary products offered.

The Valid Aluminum brand has designed and manufactured special systems for installing this type of facade.

2- Dry ceramic system (Porcelain)

One of the ways to prevent energy loss and optimize its use in buildings is to choose the right materials for the interior and exterior coatings of the building.However, various materials have been used in these coatings so far.Nowadays, due to the many advantages of ceramic porcelain plates, such as much lower water absorption and frost resistance, erosion and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, The beauty and variety of colors and designs, no need for special maintenance and ease of replacement, make them widely used in the regular exterior and interior facade in the form of air pass.

The Valid Aluminum brand has designed and manufactured special systems for this type of facade.

Alu Kuta system

Kuta is a new generation of extrusion material made of aluminum plates. With its endless variety of colors, this type of facade is produced in a variety of sizes and gives beauty and uniqueness to the buildings.

Its lightweight is another advantage of this system. It weighs only 8 kg / m 2, along with its ease of use and affordability, it has become one of the most popular choices for architects.

aluminum doors & windows - iran

Aluminum doors and windows

Aluminum doors and windows

The conventional aluminum window, despite its solid strength, has a conductive property that results in high heat exchange between the interior and exterior, leading to a large amount of energy loss. To fix this problem, a new aluminum window called Thermal Break has been released worldwide. This results in thermal fracture by maintaining high strength of aluminum by adding poly amide intermediate insulation layer. The word Thermal Break also comes from the same root.

These windows consist of two inner and outer layers, which are separated by a poly amide insulator and become thermal insulated. Another advantage of this Thermal Break profile is that it reduces the dew point on the window surface. The humid air cools very quickly and the frozen steam appears as tiny droplets on the cold surface of the profile. The more we try to keep the inner surface of the profile warmer, the more it decreases. The special privileges mentioned along with the unique beauty of this product are such that Thermal Break window system are widely used in most modern buildings.

aluminum windows iranian aluminum doors & windows aluminum doors

Frameless building system

Curtain wall

Curtain wall

  • Frame less system

This system is seen from the outside as a fully integrated glass.That will make the building look beautiful and homogeneous. For this reason, today the use of this type of glass facade in modern buildings has received much attention.

The facade is manufactured as modular panels in the factory under strict supervision and after installation, the glass is shipped to the project site.

Reducing human error and preventing material overload and rework are other advantages of this type of system.

  • The face cap system

In the face cap system, there is no aluminum frame around the glass and the glass is placed directly on the Curtain Wall structure And a retaining profile that screws onto the base of the Lamella holds the glass and prevents it from being overturned And by that, the building’s facade is also fully sealed and air-conditioned. Various caps with widths of 5 cm and various lengths and shapes are also mounted on this holder.

The advantages of the face cap system over the Frame less system include the following:

1- Faster facade implementing

2- Lower cost

3- Possibility of using decorative caps between the glass along the horizontal and vertical direction

4- Possibility to change different visions of vertical and horizontal lines between glass by changing the color and type of caps or removing one of them

With this capability, the architect can emphasize one of the vertical or horizontal lines in the glass views. For example, in facade that are much higher than their width, Can be installed with light-colored cap, larger cap on vertical lines and complete removal on horizontal lines or More emphasis on vertical lines can make greater facade height in the viewer’s eye or vice versa in facades that are much wider than their height, we can by installing in bright color cover or larger on horizontal lines And its complete deletion in vertical lines or With more emphasis on horizontal lines can make greater facade Width in the viewer’s eye. Or, using smaller, identical caps, darker and closer to the glass color, reached a uniform glass surface.

Frameless building facade framless building view map of fremless glass facade

Curtain Wall facade bulding iran

Glass facade

 Glass facade
The facade in the building is a barrier between the physical and climatic conditions outside (Weather conditions) and indoors and also it is as a representation of the voluminous identity and beauty of the building. The building’s facade has a variety of forms that combine different materials to give the building meaning. Use of sunlight and sun energy in buildings is one of the most fundamental ways to optimally use energy in architecture and not using this achievement in architecture deprives us of transparency, and deprives buildings of the benefits of warming. Glass facade (Curtain Wall) is one of the most beautiful modern building facades that has unique features and properties due to the use of glass and aluminum. Strength, ability to use natural light, keeping wind and rain away, durability and No need for maintenance, optimum Thermal and acoustic insulation, anti-fire and fire safety, earthquake resilience and Visual beauty and attraction are among these features.

Aluminum profiles are used instead of the iron frame in the Curtain Wall facade. The facade was lattice and it is a combination of aluminum and glass.

The benefits of this system (Curtain Wall) include:

  • Providing modulation based on the original design and calculating effective coefficients on structural stability
  • Equipped with decorative caps for a more beautiful look
  • Manufactured in Thermal Break, Simple, Spindle shape and …
  • Equipped with air and rainwater discharge system
  • Ability to install glass of different thicknesses
  • Equipped with EPDM tires for higher resistance
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Usability as a structural element
  • This type of facade engineering does not require a substructure (self-support) and has unlimited color variations
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings