Glass facade

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Glass facade

 Glass facade
The facade in the building is a barrier between the physical and climatic conditions outside (Weather conditions) and indoors and also it is as a representation of the voluminous identity and beauty of the building. The building’s facade has a variety of forms that combine different materials to give the building meaning. Use of sunlight and sun energy in buildings is one of the most fundamental ways to optimally use energy in architecture and not using this achievement in architecture deprives us of transparency, and deprives buildings of the benefits of warming. Glass facade (Curtain Wall) is one of the most beautiful modern building facades that has unique features and properties due to the use of glass and aluminum. Strength, ability to use natural light, keeping wind and rain away, durability and No need for maintenance, optimum Thermal and acoustic insulation, anti-fire and fire safety, earthquake resilience and Visual beauty and attraction are among these features.

Aluminum profiles are used instead of the iron frame in the Curtain Wall facade. The facade was lattice and it is a combination of aluminum and glass.

The benefits of this system (Curtain Wall) include:

  • Providing modulation based on the original design and calculating effective coefficients on structural stability
  • Equipped with decorative caps for a more beautiful look
  • Manufactured in Thermal Break, Simple, Spindle shape and …
  • Equipped with air and rainwater discharge system
  • Ability to install glass of different thicknesses
  • Equipped with EPDM tires for higher resistance
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Usability as a structural element
  • This type of facade engineering does not require a substructure (self-support) and has unlimited color variations
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings