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Automatic glass doors producer

Automatic glass doors are widely used and popular in commercial, residential, office and medical complexes.

Attractive and transparent appearance, followed by the use of technology when opening and closing the door, has doubled the attractiveness of this product.

Doors have been considered as a linker. We have always witnessed change and progress in its form and installation. The first effect of technology on modern doors is that they are automatic.

This door is considered as a part of linear doors. It opens and closes in a sliding or sliding manner. A sensor installed above the door controls the entry and exit of people.

Controlling and monitoring the movement of people at the installation site is very important.

Due to its frequent use and opening and closing many times during the day, when buying, you should pay close attention to the basics and the type of product brand.

Automatic glass door consists of an operator which is a very important factor in choosing an automatic glass door.

Automatic doors Glass is one of the most popular automatic doors.

Its main components are a power supply, motor, battery, as well as electric lock and control center.

The control center is responsible for complete control of the door and its opening and closing.

In appearance, automatic glass doors are divided into three groups: telescopic, flat and curved.

The first two types are mostly used.

The door system is automatic in such a way that by receiving a signal from the control center, all execution commands are transmitted to the motor and

The door is opened and closed using the eyes, as well as by the control center.

Automatic door operation system

Therefore , all parts have to complete each other so that you have a strong , fluid automatic .All parts must provide security for the desired location while they have a beautiful appearance.

Of course, the choice of a glass door automatically is based on the type of consumption and need.

Automatic glass door components

Operator *

Glass *

aluminum or steel cover


Electric lock

Battery *

,Estilayzeror the Source of Nutrition *

The operator control center in the glass is the most important component

You might have seen a glass door automatically in places like hospitals, big shops , and organizations . These sites have plenty of traffic . The use of this kind of building in buildings makes the public easy to use One of the most important things in the present is health care .Because of the lack of knob ,which has an important influence in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, it is widely used.

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